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    Chicken with herb cream




    • 4 Chicken breasts

    • 20cl Liquid cream

    • 5cl dry white wine

    • 25g Butter

    • 1tbsp. tablespoon Oil

    • 1 bunch of each herb: tarragon (chives, chervil)

    • Salt

    • Pepper

    • Calories = Medium

    Preparation steps

    1. Heat the butter and oil in a sauté pan and brown the chicken breasts, salted and peppered, over low heat, 10 minutes on each side. Remove them and discard the cooking fat.
    2. Put the chicken breasts back in the sauté pan, sprinkle them with white wine, 5 cl of water and add half the bunch of tarragon. Cook for 20 minutes, covered, turning the egg whites halfway through cooking.
    3. When cooked, keep the chicken breasts warm. Eliminate the half bunch of tarragon. Boil then reduce the cooking juices for 2 minutes over high heat.
    4. Pour in the liquid cream and reduce for another 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and add the rest of the chopped herbs. Spread the sauce over the chicken breasts and serve immediately. You can accompany this dish with pasta or rice.

    Tips and advice for Chicken with herb cream

    Out of season, you can use frozen herbs. Otherwise, replace them with 3 tablespoons of grain mustard that you add when pouring the cream.

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